Are you willing to become part of a simulation?

Russell Turpin deafbox at
Tue Apr 29 15:49:22 PDT 2003

Gregory Alan Bolcer:
>I think the issue I always had with "A Conversation with Einstein's Brain" 
>was that paper is so static and that wetware is very dynamic ..

In physics, it's common to treat time as
another dimension. The dynamic trajectory
of a system is then just a curve through
this phase space. Has the dynamicity been
lost? Or is it still present, just presented
in a different perspective?

This, of course, is an old philosophical
problem about time. How is any past instant
different from the present? Does the finger
of God really run along giving a true
now-ness to the current now? Or does it
just seem that way from every instant of
time, all of them having the same reality?

The EPW view is the rejection of God's finger
(or anything else) selecting the "real"
present, that all instants of time are no
more real than any other, and that it is
all perspective, so to the beings described
in the static book, things SEEM dynamic, and
that is all that matters.

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