Prince Charles gets nervous, neo-Luddite meme gathering steam

Justin Mason jm at
Mon Apr 28 11:20:44 PDT 2003

BTW, one big bonus for neo-Luddites, is that much of the cool new tech is
being used purely for profit.

Take GMOs, for example.  Who's pushing GMOs?  Monsanto et al.  What are
they pushing?  "terminator" genes that let them make more cash by blocking
replanting and "protecting their IP"; immunity to their own pesticides, so
they get to sell buckets of pesticide along with their seeds; etc.

How's that good for humanity?   Good for Monsanto's shareholders, but
that's about it...  basically, they're the vegetable RIAA.

Much of the neo-Luddite support is gained by playing on this aspect.  If
GMOs were to be used instead to provide robust, drought-resistant basic
foodstuffs for famine-vulnerable areas of the world, saving massive human
death and suffering, I doubt they'd have such a strong case by


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