2 Days with a Tungsten C

Tom tomwhore at slack.net
Tue Apr 29 02:32:06 PDT 2003

Picked it up Saturday night, wanted it binded to my flesh two hours

Simple to use elegant, everything I love about Palms and why I have has a
Pro, IIIx, M500 and now a Tungsten C

The wireless stuff is balls out cool. Being an early adopter means I am
waiting as the folks who CAN code churn out stuff like Netstumbler, a
better web browser, an SSH client with resizable rotatableability (which
would take care of my blosxom needs at say nothing of just plain old shell
goodness), and other fun nettype stuffs.

The browser that comes with it can not do one very very important
function, that being dling any file to the external card. No matter what I
do it will not dl an mp3. Sure it will pop open prcs and pdbs, but I
refuse to wrap my vast collection in headers.

Connecting to wifinets is increadiable simple. Get in range, tell the WIfi
Setup app to scour the area, choose your AP or AdHoc and connect. Even
with my homenets wep and non broadcasting SSID it was not hard at all to
set up. I took the gizmo down to a popular  Portland Personal Telco
Hotspot and was up, through NoCat and surfing in no time.

(a poor mans netstumbler, walk around hitting the Previous, then Scan and
what the names appear with the magic 4 bar strength o meters. Walking
around with me over the last two days has proven an ordeal in fustration
to friedns and family "hang on hang on I think I got something here...")

VOIP is so in this things very near future I can taste it. Which is why Im
shopping around for the best yet cost effective headset/mic unit I can. Oh
and thnaks for the 2.5mm plug palm..not.

I know this is the geek in me but would it have killed then to put an N
connector or some such on the thing so I can strap a cantenna to the beast
on occasion of want? Im sure someones going to cack open the case anyday
now and tell me what intricate soldering job I will need to do to put a
pig tail on the beast, of which I will probably shy away cause I really
dont want to see my wifes face , or feel the anger, when shes sees me
dribboling solder into the cracked open case of something that cost over
400$..nope I really dont want to experience that at all...so maybe I can
just stuff the whole top end into a wave guide and pray for 5 mile range?
please , maybe, ok im a whimp..but I did finaly crack open a 50$ linksys
WUSB11 to muck with, and it still works thank you very much.

The mp3 playback is cool, though I have not tested to see if the rumor the
dang thing is mono is true or not. Since I mostly listen to spoken word
and old time radio shows this is not a big problem for me, but I can see
where it would piss some folks off.  Still its pretty cool having your
theme music playing everytime you enter a room. My theme has been
alternating between Cactus Jacks WWF entrance Music, the BBoys Johny Royal
and the opening to the Jean Shepard show. Hey, if the slobs can have
ringtones I can have my own bit of aural masterbation.

For mp3 and ogg playback im using Areoplayer, a very nice app that works
well at what it does. Being able to run it in the background while
surfing, emaioling et al is a great feature.

I have not got around to trying out the Gameboy emulators yet, but man
with a 400mhz cpu under the hood it should rock like the dickens. I got
WWF Royal Rumble all ready to go. SOMe one needs to do up MAME for this

Yes with a 400mhz chip in the guts the Palm is sudenly...speedy. Even
doing file operations from, to or acorss the SD expansion card (128 meg)
is snappy. On the m500 I more often than not took the card out and did the
file moving on the laptop via the card reader. For instance, Weasle
on the m500 would  take a day to read the directory of all the books I had
on the thing but on the Tungsten C its click zoom pop.

Versamail comes with the package and frankly its pretty dang cool. Now if
I can only get my damn procmail filters working again (why they stopped
working I dont know) I would get pur nonspamy goodness whenever I walked
by a wifispot, which for me is often.

The keyboard is amazingly adaptable, Im already typing at a good clip with
it. Grafitti 2, aka jot, is in theory better but Im a years long addict of
grafitti 1 and have ingrained in my very handwritting the "proper" way to
make t's and i's such that I may just have to retrain Graffiti 2 to be
Graffiti 1 :)- Im only half joking. Ill wait and see in a few weeks how I

COlor is nice, having 30 pics from my wedding on hand at any time is nto
only pleasing to me but is also a major major points getter/argument
stopper with the wife. Say we are in the middle of a heated debate (I know
you would think with such a level headed fella such as me for a husband
there would never ever be heat...yea) I can simply pul up the picture of
us kissing at the alter and flash her the screen. SnowCrash never worked
this good, let me tell ya. Im sure thats going to wear out so I am already
readying the next meltdown picture, our little boy in full on smile.

Tech is good, repeat often. (unless your going to tell me I need to become
part of some self important borg collective then its all about using it to
go Chris Benoit on your sorry ass).

What else, let me see..Battery life is not too too bad so ling as you dont
cracnk up the wifi to DRAIN ME DRY settings. I have had it on PowerSave
mode 99% of the time and have not had much trouble with connections. On
the super power mode though things do stay faster longer..the trade off
for me comes downto more power longer than faster dls now. On a full
cahrge I havbeen wifing most of the day, playing mp3s, some games, moving
files aroudn, reading SnowCrash again and in general having it on all day
and its down to about the 50% level. Once I simmer back down to normal use
and abuse I should be able to go 2 days between chargings. Thing is every
night its on the cradle, so whats not to like.

Having a recharger in the car and van is a must  though for when we are
wardriving or out geocamping.

Thats about it for the 2 day wrap up. Im sure Ill uncover some other
blemishes here and there but all in all I am digging the heck out of it.
This is one of my best Bday presents yet.


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