Are you willing to become part of a simulation?

Russell Turpin deafbox at
Tue Apr 29 04:49:33 PDT 2003

>>So every logically possible world exists, because
>>it exists virtually, and there is no perceivable
>>difference between 'virtually' and 'in reality'
>>from the perspective of those in such world.

Jeff Bone:
>Yes, yes. ..

You don't find anything the least bit odd about
that view? That the laws of physics are no different,
ontologically, than the laws of arithmetic? Or to put
it another way, that the world exists in exactly the
same sense that the integers exist?

There is a certain logic to that view. I can't
associate it with any well-known philosopher or school,
though that most likely just means I'm not familiar
with it. It's almost an extreme anti-Platonism, in the
sense that Plato believed in the reality of ideal
forms, and this posits the 'reality' of EVERY form,
our world just happening to be one such. Or better, it
denies any meaning to the word 'reality,' except in an
entirely contextual sense. Pink unicorns don't exist
on this earth, and possibly not in this universe, but
they certainly exist, because there are possible
universes that hold them. Likewise gods and devils and
chthonic ancient ones and vampires and ghosts.

I like the anti-Platonism and the contextuality. But
it still seems very odd to me. I'm not sure I can put
my finger on that oddness.

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