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"The Adaptable Human Body:
Transhumanism and Bioethics in the 21st Century"

June 27-29, 2003

Yale University, New Haven, CT USA

What will the body be like in 50 years? Will people with disabilities be 
fully integrated by new cures and adaptive technologies, or further 
marginalized in a eugenic society? Will gender modification, 
psycho-pharmaceuticals, cyber-implants, genetic enhancement and life 
extension be commonplace, and with what consequences?  This conference, 
the first Transvision conference to be sponsored by the World 
Transhumanist Association in North America, will explore the future of 
the body from the transhumanist perspective. TV03 is co-sponsored by the 
Yale Interdisciplinary Bioethics Program's Working Group on Artificial 
Intelligence, Nanotechnology and Transhumanism.

Transhumanism is a new approach to bioethics which argues that 
individuals should be allowed to use new technologies to enhance their 
bodies. This conference will begin the discussion between the 
transhumanist movement and communities with which transhumanists have 
rarely been in dialogue: professional bioethicists, disability and 
transgender rights advocates, anti-technology activists, and critical 
theorists of science and technology.



Thursday, June 26, 2003   Intensive Seminar on Transhumanism

Friday, June 27, 2003

8pm Debate: "Should Humans Accept or Reject the Genetic Path to the 
Accept: Greg Stock Ph.D., Director of the Program on Medicine, 
Technology, and Society, UCLA, author of Redesigning Humans: Our 
Inevitable Genetic Future
Reject: George Annas J.D., Director of Health Law, Boston University

Saturday, June 28, 2003

9am   Opening Keynote: "Why Not Re-Invent Humans? Is This The Best We
Can Do?"
Greg Pence PhD, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Alabama at 
Birmingham, and author of Whose Afraid of Human Cloning?

10am-5pm   Dozens of Panels, Papers, Performances and Videos
See some of the speakers at:


7pm First Annual JBS Haldane Award Banquet

Sunday, June 29, 2003

9am-1pm   Dozens of Panels, Papers, Performances and Videos

12:30pm   Closing Keynote: "Who's Afraid of PostHumanity?:
The Politics and Ethics of Genetically Engineering People"
Ron Bailey, Science Writer, Reason Magazine




or REGISTER BY SNAILMAIL: Checks to "WTA," 9508 Fourth Ave, Suite
319, Brooklyn, NY, 11209, USA

Regular $135
WTA Full Members $125
Student/Retired $115
Student or Retired WTA Full members $105


Full Membership in the World Transhumanist Association
(For more info: http://www.transhumanism.org/join.htm)

Employed and in a developed country $25

Unemployed, students, retired or
in a less developed country $10


Buffet tickets

Friday night buffet: $30
Saturday night buffet: $35
(Saturday night's buffet will fete the winner of the 2003 JBS Haldane Award)


There are two housing options, inexpensive on-campus suites in the Swing 
building, and local hotels. For more information and to reserve a room:


For more information:

James J. Hughes Ph.D.
Conference Chair, Transvision 2003
Public Policy Studies
Trinity College
71 Vernon St., Hartford CT 06106
860-297-2376, james.hughes at trincoll.edu

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