Tungsten C good report

Tom tomwhore at slack.net
Sun Apr 27 00:38:20 PDT 2003

Well its not much a report yet. Its still charging:)- Can ya tell im
buzzing about it? And just how did I score this fine looking piece of

Long story short, family budget says the cost of the Oreiley OSS
conference (even with discount) plus a week out of work (with budgets
fouled again this year no dept is willign to sponsor even a part of the
price) plus whatever I will spend there is just plain out of the question
this year. The consolation prize, my birthday present a few weeks early,
hence the trip to Frys and the Tungsten C charging up next to me.

Ya win some ya loose some. I wonder if im too old to be playing Crash The
Exhibit Halls and the BOF

As soon as the giz is charged Ill have some reports for yall on its wifi
chops. I might talk dawn into alate night drive to a hotspot...


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