Montana governor wants libertarians to move to Idaho ..

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Fri Apr 25 16:29:21 PDT 2003

>Let me rephrase then, Online gambling would be the focus, real life 
>gambling would not.

Yeah? How are you going to make sure that is
the case? If we're still talking about some
nearby Caribbean island where gambling -- both
virtual and RL -- are legal, then I suspect
that the RL version will dominate. Here's why.
(a) Such a place becomes very attractive to
the RL gaming industry. And not the industry
in the abstract, but the real north American
groups that dominate that industry. It's
nearby. It's easily accessible to cruise ships
and airflights from the US. It has a year
round climate. It's significantly easier for
them to set up there than most other places
where their industry is either outlawed or
tightly regulated. And once they move in, they
ARE the 800 pound gorilla. "Watch out, Jack.
There are gorillas on that island." (b) Such a
place doesn't necessarily have any significant
attraction to the virtual gaming industry,
which can work just as well from any of the
many places it now operates. Even if it uses
Forkania as a presence, it might be home just
to the corporate servers, post box, and
corporate agent. For legal reasons, that's all
they need. Their network admin, webmaster,
accounting folks, etc., can be located anywhere.

Even if you get both versions -- most likely
run by the same groups -- it will be the RL
gaming that most greatly affects Forkania's
culture, since it is the version that has the
greatest impact on employment and visitors.
The virtual gaming is just some servers in
the basement. It's the RL side that hires
the decorators, dealers, bartenders, cooks,
maintenance crew, entertainers, floor
managers, security, buyers, hoteliers, trip
coordinators, etc. And it's the RL side that
brings in boat after cruise boat of tourists.

Of course, you could BAN casinos, allowing
just virtual gaming, but not its RL version.
But that's no longer libertopia.

>Keep Forkania Beautiful

Yeah. But how?

See the rub?

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