Montana governor wants libertarians to move to Idaho ..

Jeff Bone jbone at
Thu Apr 24 23:02:13 PDT 2003

On Thursday, Apr 24, 2003, at 21:40 US/Central, Russell Turpin wrote:

> Read about it here:
> 6bb72f83b497e5b01adc4655e359b7ff.txt
> Of the ten states on the candidate list, Delaware
> and New Hampshire are the two with the best climate.

This thing's been floating around for a while.  It's pretty sad that  
the U.S. has come to this, forcing a tiny minority of ideologically  
committed folks to move to a single place in order to perpetuate the  
values on which this nation was founded.


How about one of the U.S. Virgin Islands?  Not sure how the laws get  
made there...


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