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Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Thu Apr 24 15:45:18 PDT 2003

What you do is, after the second or third
post, a message comes back saying, wouldn't
you like to go to IRC or an AIM or MSN chat
room to discuss this subject?


Jeff Bone wrote:
> (I'm sure the irony of my thinking about this problem will not be lost 
> on folks here...)
> So how can you stop the typical overpost argmageddon you see on mailing 
> lists, like, uh, this one?  ;-) :-)  How do you stop what are 
> effectively attention-oriented denial-of-service attacks, whether 
> intentional or (as is the case w/ most such things on this list) 
> unintentional?
> There's an idea I've been thinking about for a while called "post 
> throttling."  Basically, it works like this.  Each person that sends a 
> message to a mailing list (though it doesn't have to be a mailing list, 
> it could just be a single person's mailbox) has an associated variable / 
> sliding time window and post allowance, maintained by the mail server 
> that receives mail for the recipient.  The first post by a person within 
> a certain timeframes goes immediately to the list / mailbox;  the second 
> post within the timeframe is held for a short time before being 
> released;  the third held for a longer time;  and so forth.  As the time 
> window progresses without posts from the sender, the holding time for 
> new post eases back down to zero.  You could also have an upper 
> threshold beyond which the sender is effectively blacklisted until some 
> human (recipient, list owner, etc.) takes action to un-blacklist them.
> $0.02,
> jb

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