2/3rds chance of a Loma Prieta+ class quake in 30 years

Jeff Bone jbone at deepfile.com
Wed Apr 23 10:24:21 PDT 2003

On Wednesday, Apr 23, 2003, at 08:46 US/Central, Russell Turpin wrote:

> Steve Dossick:
>> When I bought my house here on the SF peninsula two years ago, my 
>> insurance person pretty much told us not to bother with earthquake 
>> insurance. In a major quake, none of the insurance companies will pay 
>> out; instead FEMA will take over and some kind of disaster relief 
>> fund will pay for damages. This is what happened last time >> apparently.
> Our tax dollars at work.
> Sigh.

Oh, we'll be getting rid of FEMA after Le Revolution, don't you worry 
about that. ;-)

> I have nothing against government disaster
> response to emergency... It does not include
> reimbursing their financial loss. If it does, well
> then, why not reimburse all the victims of the
> internet bubble? I've only seen one of those in
> my lifetime. But I've seen lots of hurricanes,
> and I'm going to see many more.

Great point.  Where do I sign up?  I'd like to get some of that gov't 
jack before we do away w/ FEMA.



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