2/3rds chance of a Loma Prieta+ class quake in 30 years

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 23 14:46:19 PDT 2003

Steve Dossick:
>When I bought my house here on the SF peninsula two years ago, my insurance 
>person pretty much told us not to bother with earthquake insurance. In a 
>major quake, none of the insurance companies will pay out; instead FEMA 
>will take over and some kind of disaster relief fund will pay for damages. 
>This is what happened last time apparently.

Our tax dollars at work.


When will some Congressman have the balls to pass
law that the government will NOT compensate
people whose homes in San Francisco are lost to
earthquake, people whose homes in Corpus Christi
are lost to hurricane, people in south Florida
whose homes are lost to sinkholes, and people in
flood zones whose homes are lost to rising water.
Let's get real. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes,
and similar phenomena are known and normal events
in the regions where they occur. People should
either (a) build houses suitable to their locale,
or (b) get insurance, on their own ticket, or
(c) move elsewhere, or (d) play the odds and take
their lumps like grown-ups. It's nothing more than
any other kind of economic planning.

I have nothing against government disaster
response to emergency. That includes, for example,
putting out the fires subsequent to an earthquake,
shooting looters, and giving temporary shelter to
those who are left homeless. It does not include
reimbursing their financial loss. If it does, well
then, why not reimburse all the victims of the
internet bubble? I've only seen one of those in
my lifetime. But I've seen lots of hurricanes,
and I'm going to see many more.

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