2/3rds chance of a Loma Prieta+ class quake in 30 years

Jeff Bone jbone at deepfile.com
Wed Apr 23 00:37:33 PDT 2003

Heh heh.

I was in Loma Prieta, just a few months after I moved out to the Bay 

I eventually moved back to Texas. ;-)  Causal, not merely correlative.

Now all I have to deal with is floods, tornados, Baptists, rabid 
Republicans, and hicks w/ guns.  (To the extent that the latter three 
are disjoint sets... ;-)

But let me tell you, IMHO *NONE* of those things hold a candle to 
having the fucking GROUND rolling around with waves in it like the 
freakin' ocean.  Seriously, I could've surfed the freakin' parking lot 
at Sun that particular October 17th.  That's just WRONG.  A 60-rack 
server room looking like pickup sticks --- and me having not been in it 
only by an ass hair and an angel's wink --- is not something I want to 
see or experience again.  Not to mention the fact that if I hadn't been 
stuck up at the office, my then-wife and I would've been headed into 
North Beach for her birthday dinner, probably about at the 
double-decker when it pancaked.

No thank you.  I'm amazed I stuck it out three more years after that.

Buy the insurance, Rohit.  Seriously.  I paid good hard jack for mine 
after LP and I was HAPPY about it.

;-) :-)


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