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Tue Apr 22 17:13:13 PDT 2003

Definitely "freedom from hierarchy" is a good
guiding principle.  I always thought lifebits
should be like a cat's cradle--you can pick it
up from any number of points and it visualizes a
completely different shape.

Jim Whitehead wrote:
> MyLifeBits Project
> Microsoft Bay Area Research Center Media Presence Group
> MylifeBits is a lifetime store of everything. It is the fulfillment of
> Vannevar Bush’s 1945 Memex vision including full-text search, text & audio
> annotations, and hyperlinks.
> Gordon Bell has captured a lifetime's worth of articles, books, cards, CDs,
> letters, memos, papers, photos, pictures, presentations, home movies,
> videotaped lectures, and voice recordings and stored them digitally. He is
> now paperless, and is beginning to capture phone calls, television, and
> radio.
> MyLifeBits software leverages SQL server to support: hyperlinks,
> annotations, reports, saved queries, pivoting, clustering, and fast search.
> It includes tools to make annotation easy, including  gang annotation on
> right click, voice annotation, and browser integration. Its browser tool
> records a copy of every web page visited.
> - Jim

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