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Tue Apr 22 22:59:06 PDT 2003

"Russell Turpin" <deafbox at> wrote:
>>A first cut at a solution is a webservice that
>>(a) assigns anyone who requests it a public
>>encryptiong key, PK, which also acts as a
>>permanent identity,

Michael Shields:
>What's the value of having this centralized?

None. I didn't mean to imply that. I should have
written that differently: "takes your PK .."

>>Contact management software then uses the PK to update contact information 
>>as it changes.

Michael Shields:
>Ah, there's the problem.  People mostly don't have any contact management 

No, generally they DO have contact management
software. The problem is that they have several
different varieties of it on many devices and
servers: phone lists on their cell phone, email
lists on their email clients, colleague lists on
the Outlook server they're required to use at
work, respondent lists on the private bulletin
boards where they're registered, etc. All of
that IS contact managemeng software, even if it
isn't recognized as such, and doesn't do what is

>Your real problem is convincing people that the AOL Buddy List is not a 
>good way to keep a list of their buddies.

No, they'll realize that when the time occurs,
e.g., when they're driving through one of those
buddy's hometowns and have no way to find them.
But by then it's too late, so there's nothing
driving the adoption ante, and a conversion
barrier post.

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