The Last Laugh

Jeff Bone jbone at
Tue Apr 22 13:55:44 PDT 2003

On Tuesday, Apr 22, 2003, at 12:02 US/Central, James Rogers wrote:

> That's nice.  Run along now...

Um, James, apparently you missed this, but I'd already run along.  ;-)

> [You were just given a test, and failed admirably.]

Ooh, how mysterious.  I'm very disappointed in myself...

> "Doth protest too much"?  I don't protest at all.

Did somebody forget to tell me it was opposite day?  FWIW, James, you 
were indeed petulantly protesting my slotting you as a dittohead.  But 
like most of this conversation, your self-contradiction is at this 
point unsurprising.



> P.S. Once more, there is no need to send things to the list AND to me
> personally.

PS - Joe, could you perhaps / please fix up reply-to?  If the default 
behavior for folks in this group is simply big-R reply, and it appears 
to be, then this would avoid default-annoyance when people don't fix up 
their headers before sending.  I too get dupes anytime somebody does 
big-R reply-to-all.  Personally, I'm not perturbed by this fact, but 
apparently some people are.

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