Throw away the Internet and start over?

Tom tomwhore at
Tue Apr 22 02:27:22 PDT 2003

On Mon, 21 Apr 2003, Jeff Bone wrote:

--]On the surface, it's a crack-smoking case of NIH.  On the other hand,
--]though, there are compelling arguments for e.g. mail, news, etc. over
--]HTTP.  Some of the app protocols are creaky, and it would be nice to
--]phase in some replacements.  Will it happen?  I donno.  Where's the
--]tipping point?

Ugh, I would hate to think would a room full of "corectness" nazis like
Winer would do to fsk up the net. Its cracnky and creeky and sputters at
time but its a Scotty Luvin beuaty of a thing.

Sure, over time replace and retool, but not in some sort of Oral Roberts
Constitutional Convention sort of way...Gradulay, over time, organicaly
borgesque, thats the way.


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