Throw away the Internet and start over?

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"In my mind, the biggest failure in this regard is SMTP, the dominant mail
protocol of the net. Spam is as pervasive as it is because of weaknesses in
SMTP. We know how to fix these problems; the problem is that doing so would
break existing applications, which means e-mail in general. This is always a
bad thing, but it's not always a deal-killer. I think this is one area
where, in the long term, it may make sense to move away from a protocol that
has allowed e-mail to get out of control."

If you have an email-like application that is immune to spam, just build it
& in a couple years (or months) the network effect will swing your way.

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> I have very mixed feelings about this one:
> 0,3973,1036052,00.asp?kc=SCZD103039TX1K0100568
> On the surface, it's a crack-smoking case of NIH.  On the other hand,
> though, there are compelling arguments for e.g. mail, news, etc. over
> HTTP.  Some of the app protocols are creaky, and it would be nice to
> phase in some replacements.  Will it happen?  I donno.  Where's the
> tipping point?
> jb

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