Clinton Republicans

Jeff Bone jbone at
Mon Apr 21 00:54:05 PDT 2003

So rather than write yet another largish screed on how the extreme 
elements of the Republican party have co-opted and are selling out the 
moderate majority, I'll just offer up a melange of various background 

I'm not specifically endorsing anything any of these folks say, I'm 
just providing some background.  But the basic argument:

    * The GOP is controlled by two factions:  religious extremists and 
corporate criminals
    * It no longer truly stands for its so-called core values:  fiscal 
responsibility and small gov't
    * The current GOP is guily of everything they've blasted the Dems 
for over the years
       * Massive pandering to special interests
       * Dizzy government growth
       * Unprecedented government intrusiveness
       * Astounding huge budget overruns / deficits
       * Eventual heavily increased taxation when above effects kick 
    * Moderates are jumping ship / being driven out

Eyes open, "Libertarian Republicans," "Clinton Republicans" and others. 
  The GOP is completely out of control and working against your 
interests, and all the 3rd-party protest votes in the world aren't 
going to change anything.  Finally:  I challenge *anybody* on this list 
to honestly step up and say their life was worse off during most of the 
Clinton presidency than it is now.  That's the bottom line, folks.  
America was a better place and Americans were better off then, under 
the leadership and policies of a moderate / centrist Democrat who the 
true lefty "Democrats" despised for being "too Republican."  That's 
correlative, not causal --- but correlative it is.

Just say "NO" to The Handmaid's Tale meets Starship Troopers. ;-) :-)


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