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> as if i needed to be reminded why i find the lyrics of neocountry
> hilarious.

Well, if it annoyed JB it can hardly be worthless.

The order of magnitude for American losses to free the French seem
right.  Are you questioning the fact that a lot of American sons are
still sleeping in French soil?

It would seem more their plight than ours, since it wasn't Germany who
attacked us on Dec 7.  "Europe First" was controversial at the time for
the American public.  WWI is even more problematic.  Did you know that
the 3rd Infantry Division is known as the "Rock of the Marne", a title
they picked up for standing and fighting while the French ran?  [I'm
aware that doesn't say as much about Americans as it appears too --> but
the facts are too rich to ignore.]

France hasn't lost every battle since Waterloo.  But I don't recall them
winning a war against a Western country when they were led by a
Frenchman since, perhaps, the Sun King.

France took the side of our enemy.  They'd like to pretend that isn't
true, but even some of those who opposed the war agree with that, while
all those who supported it do.

French businessmen have started to complain about financial fallout ...

That the American Military would rather fight with British, Australian,
German, or Israeli forces rather than France is hardly novel.  In GWI
the British were in the thick of the fight while France was tasked with
hitting empty desert.  We gave the Saudis more important objectives
[with close backup].

Indeed, AFAIK in terms of major countries the French are tied in last
place with the Italians as far as "who would you trust to back you up".
We'd rather have the French than the Belgians and Greeks but that is
rather faint praise.

We already won the war without them.

<Okay, we don't really give France foreign aid and they aren't likely to

And yes, I believe the Germans still know the way to Paris.

> We'll win this war without you
> and we'll total up the cost,
> and take it from your foreign
> aid,
> and then you'll feel the loss.
> And when your nation starts to
> fall,
> well Frenchie, you can spare us,
> just call the Germans for a hand,
> they know the way to Paris.
> ================
> Author unknown.

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