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> Don't just send us raw bits, because we are all well read. Send a
> paragraph or two about the bits.

Some bits really should be self explanatory, Dan.

> So, John, did you write the poem? 

No, but I wish I had.  Had I written it I'd have been happy to claim
paternity.  I don't write poetry but I do remember a number of dirty

> Where did it come from, if not? 

www.baen.com -> Baen's Bar (Requires Registration) -> Ringo's Tavern.
John Ringo is a science fiction author specializing in military science
fiction.  Many of the people at Ringo's are current or ex-military.  The
Poem was listed as 'author unknown'.

> Do you stand by it's message to the French? 

> How would you feel if you were a French kid in an American school 
> right now? 

Ashamed of the French.  Don't blame me, I left that place.

> More to the point, how would you feel about your traitorous, 
> cheese-eating, cowardly, surrender-monkey of a Frenchie classmate 
> if you were an American schoolkid right now? 

Depends on his attitude toward Chirac.

> If the French spit on dead of Sept 11, would it be so wrong to 
> teach them a lesson?

No, it wouldn't be wrong.  I believe Condi Rice has recommended that
France be punished.  I'm not talking about military invasion, but we can
pick some things from this list (just ideas):

1. Terminate all US military assistance / cooperation to France.
2. Polish citizens still have burdensome visa requirements to visit the
US, French do not.  Reverse this.
3. Start granting asylum to French Jews.  [A good idea anyway.]
4. Increase immigration quotas from France, targeting their most
ambitious youth.  [A good idea anyway.]
5. Conduct substantially all NATO business in the Defense Council,
freezing out France.
6. No French businessman gets within 500 miles of Baghdad while our
troops are in country.
7. Target countries which buy military items from France for reduced
foreign aid.
8. Stop automatically granting licenses for militarily sensitive
technology to French companies.
9. Oppose French efforts in the EU by proxy.
A. Enforce the Boland Amendment against French citizens.
B. Make it clear in world diplomatic circles that we don't consider the
wishes or the interests of France to be worth considering or even
listening too.


#1 has, I believe, already been recommended by SOD.
#2 I've seen this mentioned in the press, sounds good.
#3 is designed to embarrass France.
#4 is designed to do long term damage to France in a way they can hardly
#5 has already started to happen.
#6 I think we can count on.
#7 We probably won't do.
#8 We probably won't do, but it is an extension of #1.
#9 Is a NeoCon proposal.
#A Might not be possible.
#B Well on our way to doing that one.

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