[BORK?] Internet Bubble Part II

James Rogers jamesr at best.com
Sat Apr 19 16:18:59 PDT 2003

On 4/18/03 11:04 PM, "Jeff Bone" <jbone at deepfile.com> wrote:
> Internet stocks enjoying a resurgence:
> EBay        +64% (last 12 months)
> Yahoo!        +58% (last 12 months)
> amazon.com    +68% (last 12 months)
> Ask Jeeves    +857% (since October 2002)
> youbet.com    +532% (since October 2002)
> Question:  who is investing in these things right now?  Is this mostly
> institutional, or more individual investor stuff?

There are some complex institutional and major investor "pump-n-dump"
shenanigans going on right now with at least a couple of the companies
listed above.  I'm going to assume this is the case with the others (it
seems to be a local trend).  I wouldn't invest money in these without
knowing the "what's what" behind the scenes so that you don't get left
holding the bag.  Some of the jackals are trying to do a re-org. :-)

-James Rogers
 jamesr at best.com

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