[BORK?] Internet Bubble Part II

Justin Erenkrantz jerenkra at ics.uci.edu
Sat Apr 19 01:03:36 PDT 2003

--On Saturday, April 19, 2003 1:04 AM -0500 Jeff Bone <jbone at deepfile.com> 

> Question:  who is investing in these things right now?  Is this mostly
> institutional, or more individual investor stuff?

That's usually required under public disclosure laws and most sites have that 
information.  For example:


Ebay is around 58.5% - that seems around average.  IIRC, most companies hover 
in the 50s absent special circumstances.  I think GM and Gillette are around 
70% (at least 7% of Gillette should be one institution - Berkshire Hathaway). 
Wal-Mart's in the 30s which is explained by the the Walton Family interest.

You also want to see how many institutions are investing in it - Quicken's 
site gives that info as well.  Oh, the proliferation of mutual funds totally 
skews this - especially if the stock is on one of the indices.  Then, all of 
the index funds pick it up.  If you find something with high institutional 
investment but not on any index or widely known, you can count that they know 
something you don't.

This is what I get for listening to Rohit's DECENT stock example way too many 
times.  You tend to look into the agency/institutional stuff way more than is 
normal for a piss-poor graduate student.  =)  -- justin

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