Jeff Bone jbone at deepfile.com
Sat Apr 19 02:16:03 PDT 2003

On Saturday, Apr 19, 2003, at 00:20 US/Central, bitbitch at magnesium.net 

> John has just as much a right to beat people over the head with his
> point of view as do you, or I, or anyone else on the list.  As the
> Supremes are fond of saying, you always have the right not to listen.
> Better that than silencing the speaker.

I'm not trying to silence John.  Read carefully.  I'm tired having him 
merely assert his POV...  over, and over, and over again.  I want to 
know why.  I want facts.  I want pointers.  I want news.  I want bits.  
I want reasons.  I want arguments.

John often doesn't offer enough of this.  He offers jingo, he offers up 
propaganda as if it proved the very thing it talks about.  It's broken 

Also note that I said "perhaps" and noted that the above was *only my 
opinion.*  Are *you* trying to silence *me*? ;-)

Anyway, I'm just asking him to raise his game.

> Sides JB, don't you have a killfile you can create for this very
> problem?

I periodically put Hall in my killfile and then resurrect him a couple 
of weeks later to see how he's doing on his "trying to become a 
thinking human being" quest.

> John, while wrong, does make me think -- if for no other reason than I
> try -really- hard to prove him wrong.

Don't waste your time.  You aren't actually arguing with him --- you're 
letting him yank you around with intentionally inflammatory jingo.  You 
can't really argue with jingo;  you can try, but he's not going to do 
anything but fly more jingo at you.  "O'Reilly Effect."

None of us are immune to it.  I usually get about 10 steps down that 
road before I realize what's going on.  So mea culpa.  Worse, I fall 
into the same trap from time to time, using the bogus O'Reilly playbook 
--- and then I get really pissed at myself.


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