[BORK?] Internet Bubble Part II

Jeff Bone jbone at deepfile.com
Sat Apr 19 02:04:08 PDT 2003

[METAFORK:  Tom, code for techbiz bits?]

This from Faux News right now, but quant enough that it's probably 
accurate.  (Probably still a propaganda move... Of course they want to 
breed some optimism in order to paper over how bad things are 
generally;  it IS the economy, stupid.  FWIW, I'm not opposed to this 
kind of psych-op;  the economy is a consensual hallucination, after 
all, and in this case if they achieve their propaganda goals everybody 

Internet stocks enjoying a resurgence:

EBay		+64% (last 12 months)
Yahoo!		+58% (last 12 months)
amazon.com	+68% (last 12 months)
Ask Jeeves	+857% (since October 2002)
youbet.com	+532% (since October 2002)

Question:  who is investing in these things right now?  Is this mostly 
institutional, or more individual investor stuff?

Food for thought.

Take it easy,


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