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and besides, it's john and his progeny who'll have to live down this

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*sigh* I'm going to kick myself for this someday.

JB> Perhaps, John, FoRK doesn't want to be on the 'To' line for this
JB> sophomoric neo-con pablum.  Sell your crazy, chest-beating "Belligerent
JB> Imperial America' jingo somewhere else.  Of course, that's just my
JB> opinion.  But to the point:  we all *know* how you feel.  Do you think
JB> beating everybody on this over the head with this accomplishes
JB> anything?  Do you think you're *convincing* anybody of anything?

John has just as much a right to beat people over the head with his
point of view as do you, or I, or anyone else on the list.  As the
Supremes are fond of saying, you always have the right not to listen.
Better that than silencing the speaker.

Sides JB, don't you have a killfile you can create for this very

John, while wrong, does make me think -- if for no other reason than I
try -really- hard to prove him wrong.  Occasionally it works.  I enjoy
these small triumphs, and I'd hate to see him be driven off the list
merely because his poetry sucks (heh heh heh) or his opinions are
different than mine.   Even if they're insanely different than mine :)

John isn't (for the most part) attacking folks with useless flamage.
He just doesn't agree with you and pulls some really (*cough*) unique
sources at times to justify his position.  I say, cope.


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