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Fri Apr 18 17:01:53 PDT 2003

Dear Gunter:

A war long sought and planed for has been successfully concluded.
Despite those who urged that Saddam remain in power in order to commit
evil upon his own people and threaten the wider world Saddam has fallen.
This is a good thing, Gunter.  The citizens of Iraq celebrate, and your
refusal to join them demonstrates at best moral cowardice and complicity
with the horrors of Saddam.  You can not retrieve this by pointing to a
morally corrupt and ineffectual United Nations or the pretensions of
'international law'.

The US and the coalition have delivered justice to Iraq.  Those who
showed courage in the face of Saddam's tyranny will be rewarded, while
those who stood to benefit from his continued oppression of Iraq while
they stuck the United States with the bill will be punished.  This too
is justice.

Evil exists, Gunter.  Recognizing that and acting to remove it are good
things.  Calling this courage to do good 'religious fundamentalism' is a
sneer to cover your own impotence and shortcomings.  Far from witnessing
the moral decline of the world's only superpower, you are witnessing a
moral triumph.

Islamic fundamentalists already had plenty of motivation for terrorism,
Gunter.  They hardly needed more.  Maybe you forgot 9/11, but the United
States never will.  Neither will the Islamic fundamentalists for the
same reason the Japanese military will never forget December 7th.
Pandering to an evil wolf in the hopes they will eat you last is not a
mark of courage.  Pardon the United States if, knowing they are the
primary target, they take steps to kill the wolf.  The invasion of Iraq
will not prevent terrorism but it is an exceptionally powerful blow.
Our victory is another example of proud gifts the United States has
given the world, not a contradiction of them.

We have, of course, a number of people in the United States who hate
their country as much as the terrorists and Saddam's of the world do.
They are not 'US', just a vocal immoral nuisance.  They too claim to be
'pro-American' even as they march under Communist banners and advocate
the death of our soldiers and the victory of evil.  One of the many
benefits of free speech is we get to watch these fools undermine their
own causes.

And just to be clear, Gunter, you obviously have no understanding of the
information control of totalitarian states.  Perhaps you should talk to
a few Iraqis.

Gunter, your worship of the United Nations is touching.  Please explain
how Syria, China, and Russia confer moral superiority on a campaign to
save Saddam?  No Gunter, revealing the ineffectual moral cesspool of the
UN is another of the benefits of this action.  Indeed, if you had wanted
to maintain the illusion that the UN stood for something good you would
have castigated them for not making the American stand a UN one.  Now
the UN has been exposed and it is unlikely to recover.  That is another
benefit of the US action.

Germany has a legacy to live down, and given the 20th century the fact
the Germans have determined to study war no more is probably a good
thing.  But opposition to the US on this was siding with Saddam, hardly
a thing to brag about.

Actually, Gunter, many people find themselves in a state of jubilation
these days.  Surely you saw the jubilation on the streets in Iraq once
they knew Saddam was gone?  That you find despair in their liberation is
sad, Gunter.

As for your voices, who wants to silence them?  You said 'yes' to Saddam
and lost.  We are quite happy to have you continue to shout that from
the rooftops.  The louder you are, the easier it is to explain our moral
triumph.  And of course the world always needs a little comic relief.

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> Never saw this posted on FoRK, so, as worthy bits considering the
> The U.S. Betrays Its Core Values by Gunter Grass
>   BEHLENDORF, Germany -- A war long sought and planned for is now
>   underway. All deliberations and warnings of the United Nations
>   notwithstanding, an overpowering military apparatus has attacked
>   preemptively in violation of international law. No objections were
>   heeded. The Security Council was disdained and scorned as
irrelevant. As
>   the bombs fall and the battle for Baghdad continues, the law of
>   prevails.
>   And based on this injustice, the mighty have the power to buy and
>   reward those who might be willing and to disdain and even punish the
>   unwilling. The words of the current American president -- "Those not
>   with us are against us" -- weighs on current events with the
> of
>   barbaric times. It is hardly surprising that the rhetoric of the
> aggressor
>   increasingly resembles that of his enemy. Religious fundamentalism
>   both sides to abuse what belongs to all religions, taking the notion
>   "God" hostage in accordance with their own fanatical understanding.
>   the passionate warnings of the pope, who knows from experience how
> lasting
>   and devastating the disasters wrought by the mentality and actions
>   Christian crusaders have been, were unsuccessful.

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