NYTimes.com Article: French Threaten Expulsions After IslamRadicalVictory

johnhall johnhall at isomedia.com
Fri Apr 18 14:35:23 PDT 2003

> From: jm at jmason.org [mailto:jm at jmason.org]

> geege said:
> > and bush facilitated it. chirac didn't ASK for it - he saw it
> "it"
> > being backlash.
> Definitely.   If the French had joined "the coalition", they'd have
> continual riots on the streets of Paris.  France has a massive and
> Arab population.
> It's only the US and UK govts that can ignore the wishes of their
> electorate so blatantly ;)

American electorate in favor of Iraq war: over 75%.

Britain after shots were fired: over 50%.

Chirac was in large part responsible for the attitude of his electorate.

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