News Story on Biocompare

Joseph S. Barrera III joe at
Thu Apr 17 20:41:27 PDT 2003

geege wrote [quoted]:

>Rats are different than humans when it comes to sex in some ways, says Dr.
>Coolen. The male rat can have eight to ten ejaculations over a two hour
>period -- with five minute breaks in between –-- before they lose interest
>in a receptive female.
I bet you those weren't rats in their mid-fourties or older.

> But, she says, most studies of sexual functioning
>have used rodents and the results have turned out to work well in humans.
>She hopes other researchers will be able to locate the same cells in spinal
>cells in humans and then develop treatments to make it easier for paraplegic
>men to ejaculate (important for those men who wish to have families) and to
>help the 30 percent of adult males who experience ejaculatory problems
>sometime in their lives.

And, of course, Viagra++.
I can just see the spam now.



>And what about women? 

Boring. Who cares. Stopped reading right there.

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