[MORK] Message for JB

Jeff Bone jbone at deepfile.com
Thu Apr 17 01:30:59 PDT 2003

On Wednesday, Apr 16, 2003, at 23:46 US/Central, Bill Humphries wrote:

> It's too late. They are in Hell's anteroom, waiting for the annoying 
> Englishman to berate them. I've already lost my coworkers to the 
> "American Idol" meme.

The recent trends in television entertainment may indeed be a swift 
ride straight to Hell, but I'm determined to make the most of it. ;-)  
Woot!  And thank GOD for Tivo! ;-)

As for Simon --- he's my favorite judge.  A real straight shooter.  I 
agree w/ him more often than not.  I get a bit annoyed when I feel that 
he's intentionally reaching for a disproportionate slam, but I don't 
really think he does that very often.

FWIW, the thing I find most interesting about American Idol is that 
it's an interesting experiment in electronic democracy and 
multiple-vote systems. :-)  I also take it as a bit of a challenge to 
try to swing the results w/ my autodialing campaign.  The underdog 
always gets my thousandish votes.  (NikkiDial!  Woot!  Hey, it worked 
last time:  we killed Tamyra --- who admittedly deserved much better 
--- and pushed Nikki into #3.)


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