[MORK] Message for JB

Jeff Bone jbone at deepfile.com
Wed Apr 16 21:14:18 PDT 2003

My boy?

I been pullin' for Carmen, lately.  Yeah, I know she can't sing.  But 
she gets the little hottie vote. ;-)  And Clay can hold his own.

Here's how the rest of the show plays out.  Now, I'm just calling the 
demographics, here;  no value judgements implied.  It's all about 

Next week: Trenyce, Carmen, and Clay.  Trenyce goes, 'cuz she splits 
the black chick vote.
Following week:  Carmen, Clay, and Josh.  Josh goes, 'cuz he's the 
white guy spoiler, chick block trumps.
4-3:  Kim Locke goes (consolidating the chick vote, spoiled by the 
3-2:  Ruben goes (consolidating the guy vote, spoiled by the 
2-1:  Carmen goes, Clay wins


PS - the girlfriend totally disagrees.  Here's her scenario:

Next week:  Carmen goes
Following:  Trenyce goes
4-3:  Clay goes
3-2:  Kim Locke goes
2-1:  Josh goes, Ruben wins

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