Tom tomwhore at slack.net
Wed Apr 16 20:35:59 PDT 2003

New project folks. yea yea, Tom has taken stock of his temporal budget,
made many deep cuts and has boiled down things to one or two projects or
doability. The new projects is.............

A zine, print, with online aspects...Arenet you doing a zine already? yea
but thats about a very limited topic...

This zine is going to be called Oratory.  Each issue will be about a
topic,a thing. Think of This American Life andthen spin it round the zine format.
As with all my projects the zine will be free of charge. How does it
get printed then? Sort of like the Otree passses on Cds, sort of. The PDFs
of each issue will be made available on the web. Anyone who wants can take
it and print out 5, 10, how ever many issue they want. Then they can hand
them out to people they think will like them, put them in public
libraries, coffe shops, etc.

Ive been doign this with my game zine and it has worked amazingly well, we are getting
over 200+ of each issue printed out and to the readers. Not bad for
a small niche thing.

Issue one, Old Time Radio.  Who listens to it?  Why are you drawn to it?
How do you listen to the past? How do you preserve the  past without
stiffling it? Does listening to the past effect living in the now? In the
future? Who were those people? What happens to the voices after they stop
being heard? How has listening to the past impacted you personaly?

You got something on this topic you want see printed? Send it on over.

The zine is being published under a Crative Commons licesne but each
article can have its own copyright notice to cover whatever stance the
author wants put on it.

And yes I know how to use the Spellchecker in open Office, I bet ill also
have a few willing nitpicking copy editors if i asked nice.

Anyway, that the plan.


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