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there's more at dailywireless and from glenn on infoworld.




From: http://www.sifry.com/alerts/archives/000279.html

Sputnik AP 120 Released! Today's a big day for the Sputnik team - we have
officially released the Sputnik AP 120 and Sputnik Central Control, which
combine to create a simple, manageable, and secure WiFi installation.

Just set up a Sputnik Central Control installation anywhere within your
network, and then start plugging in Sputnik AP 120s right into your LAN.
The AP 120s autoconfigure themselves, seek out Central Control, and
automatically implement a wide range of security and management features,
like dynamic firewalling, SSL-based user authentication, usage tracking,
and policy routing.  Central control allows administrators to easily set
up and configure the captive portal, manage users, monitor AP usage, and
generate reports.   Gone are custom MAC address tables or per-AP
configuration - and when you want to cover more area, simply purchase more
AP 120s and plug them into your LAN.

It's easy to buy: For the Limited Availability release program, each AP
120 costs $185 and Central Control is offered at a 50% discount for people
who sign up now ($895 retail to manage up to 20 APs).  Compared to other
companies offering enterprise-class solutions, Sputnik is an order of
magnitude less expensive.

We're also signing up more hardware OEMs.  Our pitch to them is, "put us
out of the AP business!"  We built the AP 120 on a set of standard
reference hardware designs, and we're making our software available to
OEMs at no charge.  This allows OEMs to quickly build additional value
around the software package and call themselves "Sputnik Powered" APs.

Gone are the high prices and closed nature of WiFi security and
managability solutions - Sputnik takes advantage and adheres to open
standards, allowing for significantly lower cost and greater extendability
of the system.  The system is based around open technologies like a SQL
database, LDAP user directory (RADIUS and Active Directory coming soon),
and SSL-based encryption and authentication.

We haven't left out the community networking folks either - each
Sputnik-powered AP can be easily configured to become a community gateway.
In order to run as a community gateway, you don't even need to purchase
Central Control - all you need is an AP 120 or other Sputnik-powered AP.
We'll be detailing more of these features after the Limited Availability
program is completed, but the idea is that you can bring an AP 120 over to
a friend's house, plug it into his/her LAN, and it will immediately become
a community gateway, allowing others authenticated access to the Internet.

We've been working on this technology for over two years, and it is a joy
to see it hitting the light of day.  Many thanks to our beta sites, who
provided us with tons of great feedback and references.  Kudos most of all
to the Sputnik team, who all pulled together to make this software release
a reality.  Everybody worked their butts off, and I'm really proud of the
result.  Onward and upward.

Posted by dsifry at April 15, 2003 12:27 PM

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