[CORK] There's Hope For The Kids

Tom tomwhore at slack.net
Wed Apr 16 18:24:02 PDT 2003

Dawsons Creek, the Payton Place for another generation. Soap opera
morality plays full of sound and fluffy signifying makeup. Its the
Felicity genration, cream oooey gooey sugar sweet and bbits of bitter
makes them the ad men all see glitter

merchandizing merchandizing
rah rah rah
Sell them a lifestyle
package deal Yah

POuty and thoughfull and smile right on cue
everone will be individuals JUST LIKE YOU


Girl Singers....
Joan Jett (runaways era)  Yea
Tiffany                   No
Anni DiFranco             Yea
Sheryl Crowe              No
Suzzie Sue                Yea
Apirl Levine              No

Skater grrls
YT              yea
April Levine    no

Yes, you may point out YT is ficitional and I would answer, how does that
differ from April's Skater Girl cred?

Oh im sorry, did I interupt you?


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