Farewell to the Concorde

Owen Byrne owen at permafrost.net
Wed Apr 16 19:08:52 PDT 2003

Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

> Owen Byrne wrote:
>> Certainly not longer. Sorry but the French, the British and just 
>> about any socialist country you wish to choose, have longer lifespans 
>> and lower infant mortality than the US.
>> Not that the US is a useful comparison. Hardly capitalist.
>> Owen
> What?  Because we have a more accurate reporting
> structure?   Are you saying there are accurate
> measures across all apples and oranges?  Are you
> saying that areas where infant mortality rates
> are high--areas where there's lack of hospitals,
> records, emergency health care, health infratructure--
> aren't statistically exaggerated?
> The reason that socialist countries have longer
> lifespans is that they never take any risks.  How
> do you like them apples, Owen?
> Greg
You seem to be channelling Norquist lately - as in your posts are less 
and less coherent.
The original posting stated a clear and easily verified assertion - and 
I questioned it.

But then of course I'm not American therefore not allowed to question 
the Kings of the Human Race.

Please don't send a Predator after me.


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