[STORK] A gadget wish

Tom tomwhore at slack.net
Wed Apr 16 13:41:46 PDT 2003

I use TotalRecorder ( a win product) which lets you queue up RA,WM,
shoutcast, etc  feeds and records it all to either a wav or mp3 file.
ACtualy it will record anything going thru your soundcard, the scheduling
feature is just a great bonus.

In this way Ive been able to listen to all of This American Life and
just the New From Lake Webgones reports from PHC whenever I want.

I think it uses any codedc you have on the system so theoreticaly I could
you it to grab ogg files, but my riovolt doesnt do ogg and I doubt it will
thanks to the company going belly up..unless an ogg fantatic wants to hack
up the hackable firmware.

Anyway, logn post short, its very very doable and being done.


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