Tom tomwhore at
Tue Apr 15 23:01:51 PDT 2003

Now that we are in this shitcan the best thing we can do is something we
have not done since...well since forever.  We push.

Our international whuffie is reall bad
We have a shiz load of resource there
The environment is shaky at best so it could either be boom or bust

So we make up for not pushing on to montreal, for not escorting staliong
back to the pre war boarders and then some, for not voting out every sob
asshole who supported the patriot act ..oh wait im getting ahead of

Anyway, this could be a situation where it only gets better if it gets
worse. We push on syria, we elbow iran, we tweek russia and we tell
france the only jobs they can get in iraq are blowing gay american marine
man meat for a sawbuck a gob.

The terrorists are going to come after us anyway, we are already Satan
NUmber One. The euros hate our guts already so boo hoo. The UN ..what are
they going to do..cut our funding..whcih means we would make money The US
citizens are going to balk, fat chance they are too busy becoming the
drone nation of the consumer coton pickers local 2301.

Shake the world boys, shake it up real good. Leep the map makers busy for
a while.

Meanwhile, back at the rebel base.....


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