The difference an edit makes

johnhall johnhall at
Tue Apr 15 19:09:05 PDT 2003

I agree your version is correct.

Although Syria seems to be volunteering for a game of Cowboys and Arabs
I don't think it will happen, especially in the next 6 months.

Israel is arguably in worse shape strategically than it was before.
(Major Israeli papers have pointed that out).  With America in Iraq
willing to do its own dirty work, the value of Israel as a strategic
asset for the US is far less.

Also, Bush is under huge pressure to appease the Arabs by sacrificing
Israel.  Israel was in better shape when people were more worried about

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> """In Washington, the Pentagon declared that, with the fall of
> home town of Tikrit, "major combat operations are over" in Iraq.
> However, the fear level of an invasion of Syria remains high because
> stated U.S. foreign policy, which says the United States will take
> pre-emptive military action against countries it regards as threats to
> national security, including among them nations that harbour
> terrorists."""
> They wrote the first, I wrote the second, which I hope is closer to
> truth.
> At any rate, the process of spin and befuddlement has begun against
> western media consumers and for a war on Syria. Any bets on whether we
> will see marines in Damascus in the next 6 months?
> Israelis must be thinking all their christmases (or hanukas) have come
> at once.

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