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Tom tomwhore at slack.net
Mon Apr 14 20:24:21 PDT 2003

On Mon, 14 Apr 2003, Chris Olds wrote:

--]Speaking of random gems, I would like to publicly note that Gareth took
--]first place in L-D debate at the AK state DDF tournament.  If G isn't a
--]random gem, I dunno what is!
--]I'd like to say that FoRK may have had some place in honing his rhetorical
--]skills, but I've read most of FoRK, so I don't see how that would have

Congrats to G for kicking Bootay in the sqaured circle of the Debate Ring.

Googling for Gareth and the DDF....

I heard tell the topic was The Ethics of Technology and his opponenet was
Apples own ringer and new PR person Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf.

    "Do not believe the lies of the PC infidels. The PC chips have not
reached 3GHz. It is Apple that is at 3GHz. Our initial assessment is that
the PC is still at 250MHz, and we will slaughter Microsoft in the server
market and in the home. Our market share is at 90%."

    We are in control. The PC users are in a state of hysteria. They do
not even have control over themselves! Do not believe them! Losers, they
think that by building fabs and plants and chips and trying to distort the
feelings of the people they will win. I think they will not win, those

    "NO! We have retaken the education market! The infidels attacked the
education market but we have killed them all with bullets and shoes. There
are NO PCs there. I will take you there to the public schools and show
you. IN ONE HOUR!"

(ok so I ripped that off of www.arstechinca.com, but man its funny stuff.
Seems like Mohammed Saeed al-Saha is the celeb dejour )

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