let's leave Saudi Arabia [ was: [irtheory] Housekeeping, Post-Saddam ]

Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Mon Apr 14 14:28:30 PDT 2003

Joseph S Barrera III said:

> Yes! Yes! I don't know why there isn't more discussion
> about this. It is in fact one of the stronger reasons
> for the war in Iraq that I never hear Bush's team
> argue for -- if we can maintain bases in largey secular
> Iraq, then we can leave the Saudis the fuck alone, just
> like they want.

Yep, I think this must have been one of the goals.   At last one
of al-Qaeda's pillars for anti-US action would be knocked out.

It also might allow some shaking up of the Saudi regime, anyway, which
boasts its own collection of torture chambers etc.

BTW my guess is that Blair signed up for the coalition as part of a deal
to get the Israel/Palestine roadmap "on the road", so to speak, which
would go a long to remove al-Qaeda's other leg if it eventually pans

BTW2, one thing about largely secular Iraq -- the Ba'athist regime was
largely secular.   We just have to hope that whatever's put in place now
will still remain secular, and can unite the majority.


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