Sony tries to TM 'Shock and Awe' -- along with at least 14 other folks.

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Sat Apr 12 22:52:03 PDT 2003

[I have no idea historically speaking, but Sony is attempting to try by
registering [1] with the USPTO for a Trademark in the slogan "Shock and
Awe." They plan to use it in a future wargame, according to the
Guardian. [2] Apparently they're not the only ones trying to make a fast
buck on the TM game -- Folks have also gone on to register 'Osama your
momma!' and '9-11-01: Never Forget' for their own personal uses. Osama
your momma! probably doesn't hit the generic Wall of Denial, but I'm
finding it hard to parse how 'Shock and Awe', a term that has already
been extended by spammers [3], synthesizers [4], and is a registered
domain name [5], will actually pass TM muster. If Sony wins, I'm sure
we'll see a WIPO TM dispute in the fore... ]


Amusing: When I did a search for Shock and Awe @ the USPTO, it came
back with 15 record searches -- most trying to register S&A as a TM for
T-shirts or the like, and with a variety of incarnations. Have a gander:

PS:  Everyone must use NNTP//RSS. Its fantastic.  It posts all these
lovely bits I can collect to my blog and I don't have to learn perl
for it ;-)  (Sorry Morbus!)

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