MS to ship free IM client SDKs

Frank D. Greco fgreco at
Sat Apr 12 16:23:08 PDT 2003

 >From: Gregory Alan Bolcer <gbolcer at>

 >The theory is that eventually, all programmatic
 >access can be automated to Web sites instead of
 >picking apart the CGI interfaces or Web page
 >POSTs.  What the killer app for that hasn't
 >really been agreed upon yet.  Most likely it will
 >be some Fedex or JD Edwards logistics and supply
 >chain app.  The other most commonly cited is
 >content syndication, aggregation or distribution.
 >Me?  I think that there's a lot of desktop context
 >that's missing from most network apps we use
 >would be extremely enhanced if you could carefully
 >share that context with select others without trust
 >boundaries getting in the way.   I'm a big fan of
 >desktop Web services which is mostly tying presence
 >and connectivity state to individual apps and documents
 >and wrapping access controls using buddy lists.

	Yep... like this:

	Anyone know a good VC (even in these downtrodden days)? ;(

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