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Sat Apr 12 10:58:31 PDT 2003

Okay you FoRKers. You finally get a chance to get
a hold of a really valuable piece of software. 8-)
Yes, Autocad 2004--all 500 glorious Meg of it--but
even more valuable, using our streaming technology 
to get that instant gratification launch. 

You're homework is, try it out and send me the
key product people's introductions to 3 pieces of
software that you'd like to try using this approach. 

Streaming trials now available:

                 Streaming Trial
                 Stream a full version of AutoCAD®
                 2004 to your desktop for 30
                 consecutive days at no cost. Create,
                 view, save, and plot your own files and
                 fully experience exactly how
                 AutoCAD 2004 software operates in
                 your work environment.


Press Release

  Endeavors Technology Creates Software for Autodesk
                that Streams Full 
Versions of AutoCAD® 2004 to Desktops for "Try Before
                You Buy" Trials

  With streaming trial software using Magi AppExpress application
                delivery technology, 
 it has never been faster or easier for end-users to experience all of
               the new enhancements 
      that have been packed into AutoCAD 2004 software

Irvine (CA) and Cambridge (UK), April 2, 2003 - Endeavors
Technology, developer of Web-enabling solutions for enterprise
network infrastructures, today announces a new contract win from
Autodesk, the world's leading design software and digital content
company. Its streaming applications on-demand, software is enabling
the rapid, cost-effective, and piracy-free deployment and
management of AutoCAD® 2004 to a large pool of prospects.
AutoCAD 2004 is a 2D drafting and detailing and 3D design tool used
by more designers worldwide than any other CAD software.

Offering software on a trial basis is a common practice in the
technology industry, and typically involves prospects either
downloading a stripped version for concept evaluation or receiving a
30-day full product trial CD in the mail. Costs and follow-up tasks
related to those trial methods can be substantial. Autodesk looked to
Magi AppExpress® technology to reduce trialware costs without
compromising the quality of the user's experience. As a result,
Autodesk is able to deliver more product, discover more customer
opportunities and add more security to the AutoCAD 2004 trial
process. The AutoCAD 2004 trialware being delivered using Magi
AppExpress technology is not a demonstration product, but a
completely functional version that includes the ability to create, view,
save and plot files.

Endeavors Technology is a leader in developing Web-based products
for transferring and sharing digital information. With its trialware
delivery solution, Endeavors has provided Autodesk with a new
efficient way to get to market while lowering costs of trialware

The streaming technology of Magi AppExpress downloads AutoCAD
2004 components from trial site server to a PC on an "as needed"
basis. The trial site automatically first checks that a PC satisfies the
minimum requirements needed to install and run the streaming trial
software. If it encounters any problems, it flags these errors and
suggests how to correct them and proceed. When all the requirements
are met, the streaming trial client and AutoCAD 2004 cache are
downloaded to a virtual drive on the PC. Icons to access the AutoCAD
2004 trial and the accompanying Express Tools are placed on the

The AutoCAD 2004 streaming trial runs behind the scenes with a
server system managed for Autodesk by Endeavors. In this system,
the server's primary role is to deliver the initial software download, and
secondarily to control and monitor the clients connected to the server.
Because this type of architecture takes advantage of each client's
resources, product speed and performance are nearly identical to
those of a stand-alone PC with application software that has been
locally installed from a CD. 

The full AutoCAD 2004 application is about 500 MB. Using App
Express to trial a full-version software like AutoCAD ensures that
trial users get "instant gratification." Users register, receive an email
with their password and link, log on to the trial site, download and
install the software, all in just a matter of minutes. In comparison, it
could take days to process a trial request and ship out a CD. 

"No one has seen this kind of performance in CAD trial software," said
Robert Ng, Director, New Business Planning and Analysis at
Autodesk. "Streaming the AutoCAD software program using
Endeavors' technology allows users to be up and running in just 5-10
minutes. During the pilot phase, we found that a higher percentage
than normal of trial users were influenced to buy our product sooner
than they originally planned and many bought more product than

"Magi AppExpress provides a client-centric approach to trialware
that offers dramatic improvements in scalability and allows Autodesk
to reach more users at a lower cost per trial," said Kapi Attawar, VP
Marketing of Endeavors Technology. "Nothing else on the market
compares to the speed, convenience and cost-effectiveness of
Endeavors' trialware solution."

The trial is currently available for users in the United States and
Canada only. 

About Endeavors Technology, Inc. 

Endeavors Technology, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of mobile
computing and network infrastructure vendor Tadpole Technology plc
(LSE-TAD,, which has plants and offices in
Irvine and Carlsbad (California), and Cambridge, Edinburgh, and
Bristol (UK). Endeavors' Magi technology transforms today's Web
into a highly secure inter- and intra-enterprise collaboration network
of files and Web resources. For further information on Endeavors' Web
collaboration solutions, call 949-833-2800, email to
info at, or visit the company's website 

AutoCAD is a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc., in the USA and certain other
countries. (For more information, visit Magi, Magi AppExpress, Magi
Secure IM and Magi Enterprise are registered trademarks of Endeavors Technology. All
other company names, products and services mentioned in this document are trademarks of
their respective owners.

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