MS to ship free IM client SDKs

Dan Brickley daniel.brickley at
Sat Apr 12 05:15:19 PDT 2003

* Joseph S Barrera III <joe at> [2003-04-11 17:28-0700]
> Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> >Greg says, "Yes, but does it have a WSDL interface for
> Okay, gotta ask. How do you pronounce WSDL?
> Wizdle? Or something else?

That's what I've heard around W3C, although saying 
"Doubleyew Ess Dee Ehl" seems acceptable / common too. 

The thing I'm more curious about is, um, what do people 
actually use WSDL *for*. In real life...

I'd have expected it to be used by web harveters to build 
directories of services that speak a certain interface, so
I could do queries like 'find me printers (on this floor)' or
'find me services that can convert Arabic to English'. But that
doesn't (from all I've seen) appear to be the major focus. I
know it gets used for wrapper code generation. Anything else?


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