Celebrate Joy, but know that the cost was not zero.

johnhall johnhall at isomedia.com
Fri Apr 11 17:25:21 PDT 2003

Last Sunday I attended a Seder dinner at my Lutheran church.  A Reform
Rabi presided over the dinner to guide and explain things.
One of the things we did included some powerful symbolism that I think
is independent of any religion and appropriate for the recent news.
In the meal, wine is used as a symbol of joy, prosperity, and life.
When the 10 plagues of Egypt are named (with people answering "let my
people go") they also spill a drop of wine from their glass.
This is to remember the cost (collateral damage) to the people of Egypt
from the plagues.  The Joy of freedom and deliverance is to be reduced
in memory and recognition of the cost to others of this joy.
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