Majority Leader Tom Delay Supports the FairTax!

Joseph S Barrera III joe at
Thu Apr 10 23:11:52 PDT 2003

kelley wrote:
> personal slam on you--because i enjoy reading you, yadda yadda--but if 
> you must know why i think you're caving to the consensus cluster, that's 
> why. public plonkings are just beneath you!

Okay, who the hell ARE (is?) the "consensus cluster"?

- Joe

P.S. and for Tom: Who Are the Brain Police?
With unforeseeing eyes into the smoke, the lungs of war
And all the endless formulations of unusable beginnings that
Have grown from hungry rivers into trees
Nobody sees

All them hungry people
They don't look so good
But I don't let it bother you
I don't see why it should

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