Majority Leader Tom Delay Supports the FairTax!

kelley kelley at
Fri Apr 11 01:27:15 PDT 2003

At 11:00 PM 4/10/03 -0500, Jeff Bone wrote:

>Hmmm, well, was that what happened?  I must've missed that.  I just grew 
>bored with Woody's "sparkling wit."  Everybody's always got that option 
>-wrt- anybody they interact w/ online.  I'm not sure what "consensus 
>cluster" you're talking about, either, but oh well.

Sure. The difference is that you choose to make a big, public deal about 
it. There's a guy on dc-stuff does public plonkings regularly. a chick 
there does the same, too. on i think it's hilarious. if you don't like what 
someone has to say, just ignore them. is there some reason that your ego 
will shatter if you just don't respond anymore? this isn't a personal slam 
on you--because i enjoy reading you, yadda yadda--but if you must know why 
i think you're caving to the consensus cluster, that's why. public 
plonkings are just beneath you!

by the way, m. hall tried to pin a jiggler on me the other day, using my 
first name as my last name and addressing me as mr. i don't really know why 
woodchuck did the same to you, but i personally had to laugh. john never 
worries about anyone else's gender because he's sure of it. in my case, 
though, because it was ambiguous, he pulled out "mr". why? because my name 
is ambiguous? _knowing_ that it's a name that can be ambiguous should lead 
one to be uncertain, not to such certainty that one decides to assign 
gender based on assumptions based on the way i write or think.



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