Majority Leader Tom Delay Supports the FairTax!

kelley kelley at
Fri Apr 11 00:45:57 PDT 2003

At 07:15 PM 4/10/03 -0500, Jeff Bone wrote:

>So it's been fun, but I've pulled the plug on Woody here...   You 
>mailboxes will not suffer from my tedious cat-and-mouse games with this 
>fool any longer.  To Woody's credit, I think that's a record:  1 day from 
>"intro" to kill file.  (I do, however, suspect that Woody is in fact 
>somebody who's been around these parts before, and I have a few suspicions 
>who, too...)

no, you'd be wrong. A few people here will know of Woodchuck from the 
dc-stuff list (defcon stuff list).

Woodchuck's use of hir is, uh, I don't know how to describe it, but it has 
nothing to do with a serious adherence to feminist ideologies. It's just 
too funny that you don't realize how his use of it has been mocking the 
term to begin with!

Not that my "stamp of approval" on Woodchuck or my surprise at your 
(Jeff's) insular prickliness at being tweaked and asked to step outside 
familiar terms of debate  means anything, but I'll mention it anyway. Most 
of you are aware of my politics--or, rather, have pegged me in some 
way--but if I can handle Woody and enjoy sparring with him. I'm apalled, 
Jeff, that you'd so easily cave to the demands of the consensus cluster.


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