FairTax -- apology

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 11 00:17:50 PDT 2003

Jeff Bone:
>I am not the authoritative source of information about FairTax ..

OK. I apologize for distracting from the news you
posted, by sniping at the details of the proposed
tax. The current bill has some answers to my
questions (e.g., exports are not taxed, SS income
is still recorded, imports are meant to be taxed
but the mechanism for collection is fuzzy).
Undoubtedly it would get much revised before
anything like it becomes law.

I wish I knew what to make of the news. If Tom
DeLay's support is really going to get this bill to
the point where it receives significant legislative
attention, that's great news. Practically, anything
that gets rid of the income tax would be a great
thing, even if it needs some tuning later. If his
support is more in the way of politics, the news is
not quite as exciting. Keep us alerted, Jeff.

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