flat taxes

Dave Long dl at silcom.com
Thu Apr 10 12:24:14 PDT 2003

Here are my current guesses for various
federal income tax neutral "flat" taxes:

$3333   per head
$9000   per household

   15%  of expenditure
    ?%  of income
(are these similar?  what's the
national savings rate?)

    2.5% of wealth

Are there better reasons for supporting
one of these over another (or the status
quo) than looking at one's own household
size, wealth, and income, and then voting
to have someone else foot the bill?


(50% of $2T federal revenue,
300m pop., 110m households
$40T net wealth)

An older chart, from "FICA/Medicare"

effective   cumulative
income tax  percentage
----------- ----------
none            23      
under 5         38      
under 10        67
under 15        89
under 20        97
under 25        99
under 30        100
under 35        100 
under 40        100

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