FairTax, doom, and net-net

Tom tomwhore at slack.net
Thu Apr 10 14:29:51 PDT 2003

On Thu, 10 Apr 2003, Russell Turpin wrote:

--]Keep in mind that this is a tax that would
--]have a low rate, say 3% or 4%.

Here in the great state of Oregon (waits for the cheap pop) we dont have
to figure in any sales tax when we purcahase stuffs. Zero, zipo, nada. Any
mathematical figuring other than zero will probably cause cranial ruptures
in most of the non urban areas.

The Oregon <>Washington shuffle is a regional dance that many people take
very very seriously. Since Oregon has no sales tax and Washington has no
income tax folks actualy degrade themselves to live in places like
Vancouever (is to portland as jersery city is to new york city) and Camas
(is to portland as elizabeth was to newyorkcity before the epa beat on
them and even as far back as my preexiles days 5 years ago still smelled
like the unwashed nethers of a million aged venessa del rios after a gang
bang with all both sides of the house)

They live in the godfrosaken burbs and shop across the river, and I mean a
mere feet across the river, at jantzen beach or the nearest costco by the
airport, also right across the river all so they can keep the tax drain

Of course this has spurned Enforcement efforts, cops and taxmilita staked
out at the two, and only two , bridges between Portland and Vancouer, to
snag folks exhibitng conspicuous consumptive behaviors such as a flat bed
crammed with a new 52'tv, a years worth of food and several hundred
Walmart bags.

Of course the flow goes the other way for things like gas, where its more
expensive in Portland due to the "Your too dumb to pump your own gas
gooberhead" and lower in Vancouever. hence last weekened before we aimed
our Vandaminator [1] towards the coast we gased up across the river.

Folks will go that extra mile to save that extra cent. As such I can
imagine a world with Tax Enforcement Patrols on the look out for non
registered exchanges. Oy vey. I mean lets face it, the IRS will have to
retool somehow to make paying the lumps not seems so ridiculous.

[1] http://wsmf.org/pictures/2003/040503-AstoriaWeekendAdventure/5-EcolaPicnoc/jpg_dscf0079.htm


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